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CATEGORY: A.P Chemistry by Trivedi

College/Freshman Chemistry Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This is a complete course covering 2 semesters of Freshman College Chemistry.

This course is presented as separate video e-chapters. Each chapter is accompanied by the text component of each and every topic. The course contains 2000+ questions each containing detailed audio/video explanations for correct and incorrect answers. Challenging concepts are accompanied with work out examples. 

Just like working with your own personal tutor, the program is designed to teach the student all the required material in depth, with multiple examples. Both conceptual and math oriented questions can be mastered at your own pace.

Individual user have access to all the video e-chapters and a set of sufficient number of questions (homework) for each chapter. This will help you master the concepts and build you confidence at your own pace. 


This program can only be purchased online (no purchase orders). The cost is $29.00 per academic year. After your purchase, you will have access to the program from August 15-May 30. No refunds will be given for purchases of this program. Pricing is subject to change without any prior notification. 

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This course is available for purchase (minimum 20 seats). Contact for more information to set up your own class.

Instructors will be able to select their set of questions and assign them for a quiz or test. Instructors can choose whether or not they want their students to see the solutions. Instructors can set the number of times they want to allow the students to take the quiz. Instructors also have multiple options on how they want to assign scores. Instructors will be able to notify or message their group of students.

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