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The Definitive & Visual Way To
Understand Chemistry in Less Time

Everything You Need To Ace Chemistry

Our interactive online chemistry video ebook + homework helps students completely understand basic and advanced chemistry concepts for advanced placement and undergraduate-level chemistry.

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Everything You Need To Ace Freshman Chemistry

We provide you with the resources and tools to help you fully understand freshman-level undergraduate chemistry. Our video ebook and companion text give students the ability to learn and study from anywhere on any device.

Our revolutionary online homework is FERPA & CSPC approved. With detailed walkthrough explanations, videos, and 3D interactive models, we help learners manipulate the data and teach to their learning style.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act compliant  California Student Privacy Certified Product.

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Instructors Can Access The Full Online Chemistry Video Ebook + Homework For Your Students For A Full Academic Year
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We Offer

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For Students

  • A Low-Cost Comprehensive Online Chemistry Program
  • Detailed Breakdowns Of Chapters with Video & Text Components
  • Interactive 3D Models
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Step-by-Step Explanations

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For Educators (Minimum of 20 Logins)

  • 2000+ Conceptual & Math Exam Questions
  • Instant Feedback For Student Answers
  • Customizable Tests & Practice Problems
  • Retake/Correction Allowance At Instructor Approval
  • Open Communication Via The Platform With Students

What Our Users Say

“Trivedi Chemistry shows me how to do the problem. In most textbooks, they will give you the equation and tell you to figure it out. The detailed explanation really helps.”

- Kaden M.

“I learn best by example and visualization. The program provides both, as well as other tools, like interactive problems, that help me to learn.”

- Eva K.

“My students like to because of the portability. They can take it on a trip with family or if they are athletes they can have a review on the way to a game. They can use the interactive programs anywhere”

- Stacy H.

“They stand behind their product. Their customer service was great. My admins also see the difference in our students.”

- Jenny F.

“Being able to go at my own pace allows me to go ahead when I need to and stay back when I need to. If something doesn’t make sense, you can replay it and see more examples until you understand the concept ”

- Mackney L.

“I particularly loved the interactive solution practice problems at the end of each chapter and the timed content multiple-choice tests built into your product.”

- Annie C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace my chemistry textbook?

Yes! Our online chemistry video ebook + homework can completely replace the traditional textbook in the classroom. We use videos and interactive models to demonstrate chemistry concepts. For those students who prefer reading the material like a traditional textbook, we do have the complete course available to follow along in an HTML format available with login.

What do I get for $29?

With your login, you’ll have full access to the entire chemistry video ebook and homework. You can review chapters at your own pace and get instant feedback on homework and quizzes.

When taking the quizzes you have the ability to turn off or on audio versions of the question. Detailed explanations and the ability to manipulate the data to help you fully understand chemistry concepts covered in the material. Both contextual and mathematical questions are covered for a comprehensive understanding of freshman undergraduate-level chemistry.

Students have the ability to upload project work and assignments directly via the platform.

Can I check it out before I buy it?

Of course! We offer a free 7-day trial for students and educators interested in purchasing our online chemistry ebook and homework program.

What features are available to instructors?

Instructors with administrative access (minimum of 20 logins) will be able to select their set of questions and assign them for quizzes or tests. Educators also have the choice of whether or not they want their students to see the solutions after a test or quiz.

Our tests and practice problems are randomized so students will not see the same questions, in the same order, with the same answers.

Create groups of students to help manage teams and group projects.

Instructors with administrative access have the flexibility on the number of times they want to allow the students to take the quiz. Instructors also have multiple options on how they want to assign scores.

You’ll also have the ability to message students within the platform. Utilize our platform calendar to keep students informed on assignments and due dates.

How long do I get access?

Students and instructors have access to the complete program for a full academic year (August through May)

Trivedi Chemistry eBook vs Traditional Textbook

See how our Chemistry eBook stacks up against that expensive, traditional textbook you’re used to carrying around campus. This side-by-side comparison chart shows all the features students and instructors will receive access to.

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