Chemistry Lessons Adapted to Create Better Retention for Various Learning Styles

March 14, 2023

Chemistry instructors know that not every student taking freshman chemistry plans on getting a degree in a chemistry-related field. Many need to fill credit requirements, but they must pass, and passing means they must understand the concepts from Lesson 1. It’s a progressive subject with each lesson and concept building on the previous. Unlike other classes, there’s no jumping ahead, or catching on later with chemistry. If you don’t understand from the start, it’s going to be very challenging.

It’s well known that people learn better when they are presented with information in a way they best retain it. For some, this is through reading. Others find the professor’s lectures sum it up well and they can take good notes. And for some students, being shown the concept and having the resources available to them unabridged is the only way things are going to make sense.

You want students to succeed and have a good understanding of the material. Trivedi Chemistry helps you extend your reach. With the right software, you can easily provide resources to help students learn and retain chemistry concepts they need to know. Our online video course and eBook presents the material in a digestible manner that students can access from anywhere on any device. Professors enjoy the innovative and customizable lessons, quizzes, and exams. We make it easier for you to teach so you can help more students overcome the challenges they face in class.

Freshman Chemistry Moves Fast

College freshman chemistry moves much faster than high school chemistry and goes into greater depth. Therefore, it’s much easier for students to fall behind quickly in their college chemistry classes.

Memorization Isn’t Enough

Unlike other classes, you can’t pass by memorization skills alone. Students must understand the basic foundational concepts and learn to solve problems to pass.

Chemistry Uses Math

You must be comfortable with math through algebra to work on chemistry problems. Geometry is also helpful, as is calculus. One of the reasons students struggle in freshman chemistry is they are learning (or re-learning) math at the same time they are learning chemistry concepts. For example, if a student gets stuck on unit conversions, it’s easy to fall behind.

Chemistry is its Own Language

You won’t understand chemistry until you understand the vocabulary. With 118 elements to learn, several new words, and the entire system of writing chemical equations, chemistry is very much its own language. There is so much more to chemistry than simply learning the concepts. You must also learn how to interpret and communicate the way chemistry is described.

There is a Lot to Learn with Chemistry

Chemistry is a vast discipline. You don’t just learn the basics and build on them, but frequently switch gears into new territory. Some concepts you learn and build on but there is always something new to throw in the mix, making it a lot to learn in a limited amount of time. While some memorization is required, students must also think hard to solve problems. For those not used to working through complex concepts, this level of brain flex can be overwhelming.

Female chemistry student in a lab studying a liquid in a container

One Size Fits All Approach to Teaching

Since everyone has a different way of learning, students learn best if they can manipulate the material to suit their own learning style. Unfortunately, most traditional chemistry textbooks and semester formats don’t adapt to more than one way of teaching concepts. Many chemistry instructors teach their class the way they teach it, and students must adapt to that one way or get left behind.

How to Help Students and Instructors Bridge the Gap?

Trivedi Chemistry speaks directly to the common challenges students and professors frequently face when attempting to learn or teach chemistry by offering an online video course for chemistry. With a fully vetted and approved freshman chemistry course for high school and undergraduate learners, students can learn the basic chemistry concepts they need to know to move on.

  • Trivedi Chemistry is more than an eBook, it’s an interactive general chemistry video course with detailed visual explanations of concepts and 3D interactive models. The comprehensive breakdowns help visual and kinesthetic learners manipulate the data and teach to their own unique learning style.
  • More than textbooks and lectures alone, Trivedi Chemistry provides actual demonstrations of concepts at work that students can replay over and over until they get it.
  • The complete course is available in an HTML format for students who learn best through traditional textbooks.
  • Combination of visual and text materials helps students retain information and pass the course.
  • Over 2000 questions for instructors to use in the instructor’s edition for their homework assignments or exams. Trivedi’s online interface grades it for you, providing a detailed overview of the questions to help students understand where they went wrong.
  • Instructor-generated worksheets and exams are also available to help enhance your lessons.
  • Trivedi’s online chemistry course is divided into chapters, allowing learners to move at their own pace.

Trivedi Chemistry’s online chemistry courses offer instructors an interactive way to teach chemistry, helping their students understand the fundamentals and succeed in undergraduate chemistry. Ask us today about a free demo to see how our best-selling chemistry course might be the perfect solution to your equation. Contact Trivedi Chemistry to learn more about how we can help you help more students.